Change HAPPENS! HIV Prevention Program  PAINTED Campaign 

 When we see a painting hanging on the wall, we gaze at it in awe; captivated by its beauty, but we often overlook how that painting began—a blank canvas and an idea. We often admire the lives of many famous actors, models and artists, wishing to be like them; that their lives were our own. But, what we see is the product of their journey; their lives being played out. Just like the beginning stages of a painting we are all writing our own destiny through our actions.

PAINTED (Proudly & Actively Influencing Necessary Testing & Educating all Demographics) is a social media and community mobilization summer campaign aimed to motivate people to get tested for HIV and know their status during the summer months of 2018. The PAINTED campaign raise awareness about HIV and its impact on the lives of all demographics, and seeks to fight stigma by showing ordinary individuals such as mothers, fathers, friends, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, partners, wives, husbands, and co-workers showing pride in getting tested and encouraging others to do the same. The campaign will run from June-August 2018. The campaign will capture photos and videos of ordinary individuals of all races and demographics testing for HIV and encouraging others to do the same . The campaign is meant to be bold with bold colors representing the passion the Change Happens Prevention Team has for helping bring about change to the communities served.