Linkage to HIV Medical Care

Effective linkage from HIV testing to HIV care ensures that people living with HIV/AIDS receive the services they need to improve their health and enhance their quality of life. Linkage from HIV testing to HIV care is important in:

  • Connecting more people living with HIV/AIDS with HIV-related medical and support services to improve their health and overall well-being;

  • Reducing HIV transmission by connecting newly diagnosed individuals to medical and mental health care as soon as possible after diagnosis; and

  • Ensuring a coordinated system of services from HIV prevention and testing to HIV care.


For clients, linkages help to ensure that they can access HIV care that is seamless and client-centered. Referrals from HIV testing agencies to HIV medical and support services help newly diagnosed HIV positive individuals:

  • Meet with a medical care provider for a comprehensive physical and medical history including baseline lab testing for CD4 count and viral load;

  • Receive appropriate medical care;

  • Access emotional and other support services; and

  • Receive partner services.



Linkage from HIV testing to HIV care encompasses the following activities:

  • Assessment, education and planning following identification of HIV infection

  • Referral by testing agency to HIV medical care;

  • Assessment for HIV support services (e.g., emergency housing, case management, food services) and referral to these services as needed; and

  • Follow-up with client to ensure successful linkage.

If you or someone you know is HIV positive and need treatment, we are here to help. For more information contact

Courtni Boozer

Linkage Coordinator


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