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Since 1989, Change Happens, formerly known as Families Under Urban and Social Attack, has been an agent of change in the Houston area.  Originally founded as an outpatient alcohol and drug prevention and treatment program, Change Happens has expanded from one program to an agency with over eighteen programs that empower people and families to help themselves.  Focusing on many of the issues that affect people, Change Happens offers educational classes, counseling, community training and networking, and HIV counseling testing and referral services.


Over the last twenty years, Change Happens HIV prevention efforts have empowered many communities in the Houston area in education about the HIV virus and in ways to prevent acquiring the virus, especially through unhealthy sex and substance abuse practices.  Change Happens has collaborated with many different agencies and entities to bring change to many communities and networks in Harris County and through these efforts they have helped to stabilize the rate of new infections.

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